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Automated production lines comprised of workstations, linked by a transfer system & electrical control system.

DNL Australia


Machine automation and end-of-line automation is technology that is designed to automatically control the functions of machines used in a processing and / or packaging line within a packhouse or factory.

In this day and age, many modern processing and packaging machines have some form of computer control built into them. This enables DNL Australia to link the machines together for not only ease of overall control, but also to enhance safety, stop/start functions, data collection and synchronisation of the complete line. This offers the ultimate performance and operation.

DNL Australia


Many DNL supplied machines can be linked to the internet, via modem. This allows DNL Australia’s service engineers, and European suppliers, to monitor the machines online for performance, fault finding, diagnosis and the uploading of the latest software without having to visit your site.

By utilising camera technology, single or multiple palletising stations, or robotic palletising stations can have buffer storage conveyors. These conveyors hold, arrange and prepare different products, from different lines. They also palletise up to 4 different pallets at the same time, before the finished pallet is moved on to either an automated pallet wrapping or pallet strapping station before moving to dispatch.

Total line automation improves efficiencies, production speeds and operational safety while dramatically reducing the labour component, ultimately saving your company money.

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